10 mars 2015

A beer, a pen, a moleskine and a pack of cigarettes on each table - that helps to bring together two persons. Nick was translating Greek poems to German when I went over to talk to him. He made it clear from the very start that he was unhappy. “Firstly, what is happiness? According to Aristotle, if we try to do everything we are capable of doing in life, even if we can´t succeed, we are happy”. We nodded. He said that at least he was happy about one thing, which was that I came to sit at his table. Shortly following, his friend Dominique arrived, whom he introduced as the incarnation of Joy, like a “happiness prostitute” (to quote Dominique´s own terms). We laughed of all the silliness that came out from his mouth and we ended up talking about the photographic narrative project that Dominique is trying to establish as his future job. As if he had been there while we talked about Aristotle, he noted : “It´s time to do something that I love and for which I´m capable”.



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