19 octobre 2015

You’ve probably heard about the grumpiness of the Parisian waiters ? It makes it very special when you meet one who gives you a true smile and takes time to help you choose what you will enjoy the most. “I love my products, that’s why, and I want to give joy to people”.

Christophe was a director in the restaurant industry when he decided to quit and build his own brasserie together with his best friend. “The first thing we did was to choose the products we love and to put fair prices on the menu : we want our brasserie to be full of life and people”.

The pleasure they show working together and running their own place could make me forget about the risk they took but I ask the question. “Of course it’s more risks and work, but the freedom we have is priceless ! And at the end, it can be more rewarding.”

Paris, Brasserie Lili et Riton

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